Almost Winter Stuff…

The Humboldt Permaculture Guild will hold a meeting Wednesday, December 1st at 5pm at CCAT, HSU. Some items to be discussed will include our input on the spring Plan it Green event, Arcata Ed Farm update and the possibility of a collaboration for a permaculture workshop in Spring/Summer of 2011 with CCAT, Sandy Bar Ranch and HPG.

Also take a look at this site: which is designed to make sharing/trading produce easier in the spirit of the produce exchanges…

BTW – HPG is on Facebook so if that is where you do your web surfing search for the guild and plug in before spring hits as that’s when the guild will be involved in great stuff. Email to get involved or share information.



  1. I looked on the farmersgarden website and did an unrestricted search for 95521 and nothing came back on the search. No produce in Humboldt for buy, sell, trade etc. ??? Is this a new site? Or do not enough people know about it?

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